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Geek Terror

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Are you a job-seeker who has been tortured by silly interview questions? Enjoy this bit of sass.

Had it with job applications? Read The Job Application and you may find some newfound strength to persevere with your hunt.

Loathe your job? Ever feel tempted to say something like "Take this job and shove it!" Instead of saying the words, try singing them (just don't let the boss overhear!)

You may also wish to check out the following amusing diversions:

Are you all work and no play? Perhaps you should schedule in some more fun into your day. Taking a moment to do something enjoyable is a good stress-reducer. If you've got a minute, checkout Word Fun where you can have a momentary diversion as well as possibly learn something useful.

The Dilbert Zone -- where you can feel good and laugh at the absurdities of office life and stupid management styles. And, the more you laugh, the better you'll feel both physically and mentally as well as derive positive health benefits, such as keeping your immune system from becoming impaired by excessive stress.

Or, try frolicking in the outdoors of cyberspace with some shocked birds and flowers by clicking here.

Or, ever think you're leading a checkerboard life? Escape may be at hand.

Or, try for the Outstanding Worker Award.

Got the blues? Imbibe this non-alcholicblues-chaser.

In Appreciation ....
Do you feel unappreciated at work for what you do? If so, you may feel understandably disappointed and dispirited. Any day that you'd like some appreciation for the toil of your labor,


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