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Preserve Staff Now! burst on to the information highway in 1997 in a colorful multi-media display as you may note if you glance below at the original homepage in its first residence, GeoCities (the now defunct Yahoo/GeoCities). With flashing balls, music and eye-catchy graphics, this site which bore a GeoCities domain was determined to be more than yet another homestead of GeoCities. I'll always be grateful for the free web hosting that Geocities provided to a site that didn't even have a budget to procure its own domain name. Geocities offered free web hosting in exchange for displaying a link on every webpage to its own homepage. (Over time the link morphed into a mandatory logo which later came to include advertising.)

So, with exuberant optimism, coupled with an idealism born out of a nobility of spirit, PSN! set about to establish its Internet presence. Visitors began surfing in from all over the United States. PSN! even managed to catch the eye of The Industrial Labor Relations Institute at Cornell University. It cataloged the site as a resource for HR professionals, ie Management. How's that for a boomarang!

In the years that followed, both the site and the webmaster would both change and grow. Eventually PSN! was able to have its own domain name, Later, it went on to relocate to where as webmaster/developer I changed the site to work with most modern browsers and created two distinct looks, one in pink and the other in ivory and purple. Which one you get depends on whether your brower is MS Internet Explorer or another, such as FireFox. I also went on to create functionality that only server-side scripting and databases would make possible.

The good ideas behind PSN!'s inception are still in the forefront whether one views the site in one browser or another. The site still strives to be an educational as well as a supportive and enjoyable resource where one can gain useful knowledge whatever one's employment status may be.

Preserve Staff Now!

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The opening confirm box is a feature that was eventually discarded in favor of creating a more welcoming atmosphere for all visitors regardless of their sentiments pro or against unions. Another item that also was discarded was the cliche scrolling status message.


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