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It is our mission to inspire and empower all workers so that we can take charge and improve both our working conditions and our lives. We must begin seriously to take back the power that we have surrendered and that means, among other ideas, we must organize. Employees need to establish effective unions, forming "closed shops" in the workplace. At the same time, current law needs to be amended so that all union officials are held accountable to the workers they represent.

Independent workers (now about 30% of the work force) also must organize in order to enjoy the same protection and benefits that the law affords to employees. For such workers, joining a non-profit membership organization such as Working Today may well be the answer. In short, organization is everything.

Or, is it? New times may call for a different kind of unionizing. Something that is more inclusive and less divisive among workers. What we may need now in the new global economy is an "Open Source" union movement.

We need to wield our political clout and demand that the politicians we sent to Congress outlaw the excesses of corporate greed. We have all seen this masquerade under the guise of "rightsizing", an oxymoron since the loss of hard-earned livelihood is never right for workers. Whether Management calls it downsizing, RIF [reduction in force] or restructuring, what is clear for workers is that we need strong protection from all such capricious and unwarranted acts of displacement. By banding together, we can restore peace of mind once again to America's workers. Better days are ahead!

Is Your Company Next?

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Stop the Offshoring of Jobs (1)

Outraged about job exporting and contracting out good jobs? Then you've got to see "Outsource This!" -- a great new Web video from TV star Jason Alexander, now playing at http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/cdaWIin1OcA-/outsource_outrage.

Job exporting and outsourcing SHOULD be among the key issues in the election this year.

It's not just manufacturing jobs that are being lost. White-collar jobs like banking, insurance, health care and tech support are getting shipped overseas, too. Contracting out good jobs eliminates corporate responsibility, while job exporting ships millions of jobs overseas in favor of cheap foreign labor. And it's happening RIGHT NOW.

Learn more about economic issues and jobs, visit YouTube - Progressive Geek.

Contact your elected officials and share your thoughts on the outsourcing of American jobs abroad.

1. Ringing true in December 2007, this excerpt is actually from the AFL-CIO Newsletter, Oct. 2004.


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