Swan Song

Flying the Coop

When it's time to bid your employer farewell, will you make sweet music or leave in a roar of notoriety?

This can be an opportunity to do the right thing. What is the right thing? That is probably something that only you can determine. Depending on your situation, you may choose to simply be factual. Or, you may wish to be utterly gracious. Then again, you may conclude that it is only fitting to be a bit outrageous. Whatever your decision, you will create an impression, one that may be remembered vaguely or for years to come.

The best way to compose a farewell note is to pay attention to one's frame of mind. If you sense any negativity, first compose a farewell note without any self-censhorship, knowing that its intended reader is only one person: its author! Next, wait at a day or two and then re-read the composition aloud. If it seems excessive, then discard it. You are now ready to sit down and write a real resignation note. For those who like to be brief, the note need not be more than one simple sentence, just mentioning the date of your last day -- anything else is embellishement left to your discretion.

As a final comment, back in the late '80s workers were expected to stay at a company at least five or more years. By the time the millinium changed, acceptable stay time had been reduced more than 50% to two years. Some companies even encourage employees to bail on them, just to spare them costs associated with terminations which can result in companies paying higher unemployment insurance premiums. So, in this vein, workers who elect to leave a company, should not be judged as "quitters". The ones who who have an eye for opportunity, who are unafraid to soar to new heights and seek new adventures, they are surely lucky ducks!

Incidentally, if you wish to hear genuine swan songs click here.

Please observe that the following compositions were all authored by Preserve Staff Now! None of these are intended for actual submission. The purpose for providing them is that the sentiments they convey may possibly be of cathartic value to readers.

Partying Down Friday Night

This is to advise that I am resigning from ... effective two weeks from today, such that my last day will be Friday, ... Yippie! Bring out the balloons and funny hats. Can you say P - A - R - T - E - E! It's over -- finally! I've got a brand new job at a great company and my new boss is a dream come true instead of the nightmare that I had to work for here. I'm going, so let the party begin!



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