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15 Million Americans Are Out Of Work. So Why Is Our Government Still Bringing In 1.5 Million Foreign Workers A Year?

Website of South Korean monk who is a passionate protector of the environment in her country. Her photos show a true reverence for nature's gifts: birds, trees, flowers, insects, etc.

You may well be familiar with many of the extensive list of interview questions that is provided. What is most commendable is the analysis of each question and the suggested answers.

Michael Moore's Prescription for Every American

This link points to action oriented content as well as some good old-fashioned and sensible advice about what we should do for ourselves individually as well as for our country. There are many excellent suggestions.

National Employee Rights Institute

Do you really know what your rights are as an employee? This is a laudable resource with some surprising information.

Union Songs

This site is a wonderful repository of songs from the American labor movement as well as from other countries. Take pride in "Look for the Union Label", a simple song whose lyrics could change our economy and restore the dignity of American workers. We just need to take the words to heart. There are also other marvelous union songs such as the rousing Solidarity Forever.

Working America

This is the union for the rest of us who typically work in the private sector and wonder where's our union. If you work at a small company and want a union, here's one you can join. Check out the bad boss contest -- contains a quiz that is funny, horrifying and rings true.

Working Today

Working Today is the non-profit brainchild of Sara Horowitz who is clearly a very much needed heroine for all of us "independents", i.e. those of who provide services to companies without enjoying the benefits and protections that employees have. Check out this link to get some good, practical information.


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