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Content of A Performance
Review Form


Part I. Employee's Position (briefly list job duties/requirements of employee's position - length of time in present position)

Overall Job Performance Rating Guide

0 = Unsatisfactory (does not meet minimum requirements)

1 = Marginal (just meets minimum requirements)

2 = Below average (with some exceptions, just meets minimum requirements)

3 = Satisfactory (acceptably meets all normal requirements on a continuing basis)

4 = Above average (generally exceeds most requirements)

5 = Outstanding (exceeds all requirements on a continuing basis)

  • Quality - Consider value, accuracy, neatness and acceptability of work produced.

  • Quantity - Consider volume of work produced and or speed with which assignments or tasks are completed.

  • Knowledge - Consider employee's knowledge of the duties to be performed.

  • Attitude - Consider willingness to work with others, interest displayed in work assignments and acceptance of instructions and company policy.

  • Dependability - Consider thoroughness demonstrated in carrying out assignments, reliability and attendance (absence/lateness).

Part II. Job related strengths/shortcomings (Briefly summarize overall performance indicating factors which contribute to or limit job performance. Cite specific examples.)

Part III. Improvement Program (List factors to be considered and steps to be taken to improve performance and increase future potential.)

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