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This page is essentially a thank you to all who initially helped this site to spring to life visually and orally. Some of those special sites are gone or have transformed their services. A few are still alive and well. So, here's a thank you, walking down memory lane ...

Note, if any link on this page is broken or contains inappropriate viewing material, please contact the webmaster.

Many thanks and appreciation to Kevin Swan who previously has a site where he made freely available his DarthFader applet which was used when PSN! had a "Bells and Whistles" Entry Mode.

Chanukah graphics chan12.gif and fslo-986418601-466058.gif are respectivley from bitsela and the former B'nei Brith International before the domain changed and site was redesigned BBI

Happy to report that Heartland Meadows in (Yahoo) Geocities is still going strong. Attention fairy graphics devotees, if you wish you may

Ladyhipoo's Cyberpets

  • Formely displayed an animated faucet GIF courtesy of Geocities, droplet sounds were courtesy of a site that has sinced morphed into a service selling Italian designed furniture.

    Other items

    • A favorite for getting icons, bars, and other knick-knacks has been the The Graphic Station. Site is still going strong and offers better stuff than ever. On one spree, involved grabbing a "burger,fries 'n coke" icon and for dessert a "pie". J.Payne (Graphics Station) : "tiedye.gif" and the email icon (envel1a.gif) as well as the colorful background back79.jpg.

    • Guestbook has changed urls and providers numerous times. At one point it was courtesy of Now it seems to be called HTMLGear and is courtesy of

    • The fish tank, hummingbirds scene, and balls in motion AdverActive benevolently makes freely available.

    • Generic* series Welcome banners are from the former Stepping Stones Animation Gallery. Apparently, domain seems to have been sold as the original site is gone.

    • Flashing ball that used to be displayed is from Mikey's Collection of Animated Gifs

    • The animated blue, smiley face is courtesy of Destiny: Animated Graphics but the website is now gone (:

    • There used to be a lot of free music available. "Stars and Stripes Forever" by J.P. Sousa, "God Bless America", "The Bridge Over the River Kwai", "Wipe Out - ver. 2", and "Don't Cry for Me Argentina", Toccata in D" were all courtesy of Jack's Shack but that site is gone. Used to play a fugue on front page composed by J.S.Bach courtesy of Spyder's Empire

    • Music: "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys was courtesy of FileCity and it too is gone

    • Music: "We are the Champions" by Queen - was courtesy of, a page that had a great Rocksong Midi Collection. But seems the collection is no longer offered online

    • Music: "We will Rock You" by Queen was courtesy of QueenMidi which also does not exist anymore

    • Music: "Dreamy Nights" by Jonathan Hunkins - courtesy of composer from his ( homepage but that site no longer exists

    • Music: "Take This Job" was courtesy of, NetDancer Midis. Now that url renders an attractive page not found "404" message. Apparently, it is a discontinued page.

    • Music: The Scat-rap piece formerly featured on my main page is "Scat Man" by Scatman John aka John Larkin. This piece was freely available at the Public Domain Midi Site, but seems too has bit the dust.

    • Music: "The Sign" by Ace of Bass and "Joy to the World" by The 3 Dog Night - was courtesy of hockey8153/music.html but that page has disappeared.

    • Yeah! Classical music rocks on! Music: "Saltarello" (from 14th Cent. - Composer Unknown), Sequenced by Julio Feliz - MIDIWORLD: Early Music

    • Music: "Take a Chance on Me" and "Dream a Little Dream of Me" were both courtesy of Dont' go there now unless you want football; the midi jukebox is gone!

    • Music: "L'Amour" by Erasure sets just the right tone for the Workers Bill of Rights Page. This midi was courtesy of Craig's Erasure Sound, but that site is gone.

    • Mini-kaleidescope courtesy of "The depARTment Store"

    • Big thanks to The Ace of Space, namely Sharon Quinn who used to make her gorgeous creations freely available. The Victorian look of "About Me" is due to the Ace of Space who created all the graphics used on that page. At one time, also used was one of her metal bars for the "Awards" page. Pages where her backgrounds are being used, there is a credit to her

    • Some of the floral bordered backgrounds are courtesy of Pam Gibson at PamBytes. Nice to see that Pam is back again! The border for "Performance Evaluation of '79" page is also courtesy of Pam (border202b.gif as is the one for "Performance Evaluation of '97" (border 202.gif). Also used her border128.gif for dinosaurs.html page. And, used her border192.gif for the State of the Union page.

    • The awesome graphics on the Guestbook Sign-In, Site Map, and Nominate pages (users not using IE4) are by Linda of [] Designer Originals. Domain changed to; this graphics site no longer exists.

    • Many thanks to Ben Soule for granting me permission to use the dinosaur pic found on his homepage DinoWorks' Heterodontosaurus Skeleton.