Copyright FAQ's

  1. Why all the copyright fuss?
    This site is essentially for the benefit and liberation of workers. Unexpectedly, it has also become a tool for the edification of managers who seek to have a productive and harmonious workplace. With our success, an unfortunate side-effect has occurred. Some with a profit-seeking mindset have attempted to capitalize on our handiwork for their own financial gain. Ergo, the copyright.

  2. Isn't the best form of flattery imitation?
    Certainly, but there are limits. We want to ensure that our content and design is used only in a responsible and honorable way.

  3. What about the cool stuff of others at this site?
    If you see something you like here that is the work of others, you should contact the respective author to see what the usage terms and conditions are (typically just a link and credit, and usage restricted to noncommercial sites).

  4. What about using all or any portion of this site's design and/or original content?
    As for as using any portion of our design and/or original content (including but not limited to text, graphics, and scripts), you will need to seek written permission. In your request, please be sure to state the intended URL for the design/content, , whether this is for a commercial or personal homepage, and the nature of your site. Please refrain from being "cute." For example, one individual of an adults-only website, provided the following innocent description: "health, beauty and fitness." When we checked out the URL and discovered its real purpose, we were hardly amused. So, be direct and honest when making your request.


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