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Once upon a time back in the early '90s, there was a staff-friendly workplace. Then, in the stealth of darkness, overnight everything changed. What an alarming time it was, marked initially by reduced workhours (hence reduced pay), job declassification for some, and finally downsizing, which resulted in massive layoffs. While the various union locals were bogged down dealing with grievances and contract issues, Management began to masquerade as one of the "good guys" by promoting groups whose aim was to allegedly empower employees. Their hidden agenda, unsurprisingly to the contrary, was actually to foment feelings of apathy, despair and hopelessness.

So Preserve Staff Now! (PSN!) arose as a counter-group to these Management-run, bogus staff associations. PSN! exposed Management's disguise and emerged as the true champion for workers rights, focusing on issues such as respect and personal power. Our activities could range from writing editorials to appearing in radio spots, to creating and performing skits, as well as making speeches. It was a heady time, but it was fraught with danger, too.

Various PSN!ers began to feel personally the affects of Administration's slogan to "clear the underbrush;" PSN! began to suffer significant attrition. We began to worry that PSN! might vanish into thin air until we realized the benefit in such a relocation. Ironically, it would be the air, that is the air of cyberspace, wherein PSN! could hope to survive. And, indeed we have and then some, for now our presence is global rather than being restricted to any one locality and access is available, of course, 24/7.

That's about it except to say that even though we've moved into virtual reality, the aim is still down-to-earth , namely to be a source of support, knowledge and hope to all who visit.



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