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Employee Evaluation
- 2004 -

1. Staff and Client Relations -- Interpersonal skills for dealing with clients as well as all levels of staff; willingness to cooperate with and assist other staff; ability to deal appropriately with complex and/or difficult situations involving other staff. Ability to work with clients in a professional manner; ability to remain poised even with clients who may prove difficult.


2. Quality of Work -- Accuracy, thoroughness and reliability; neatness and composition of written work; consistency in meeting tight deadlines, working with frequent interruptions and routine performance of follow up.


3. Quantity of Work -- Overall productivity and ability to handle a fluctuating work load that at times may be heavy.


4. Job Knowledge -- Knowledge of necessary skills, procedures, materials or equipment to carry out requirmenets of job; ability to work autonomously and maintain a professional demeanor. General knowledge of role within the organizational hierarchy.


5. Problem-Solving -- Use of sound judgment; ability to discern problems and develop practical solutions; willingness to take ownership and accept responsibility.


6. Adaptability -- Ability to adjust to unpredictable changes in work environment; willingness to learn new procedures; flexibility in prioritizing workflow and effective ability to multi-task.


7. Initiative/Effort -- Willingness to independently take necessary steps to complete tasks; initiative in seeking new responsibilities; meeting challenges willingly and effectively; contributing and developing new and useful ideas.


8. Communication -- Level of oral and written communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with individuals of diverse backgrounds and varying educational levels.


9. Attendance and Punctuality.


10. Employee Goals for Year Ahead.


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The above so-called evaluation form seems to be missing something. Take a good look and see if you can spot the missing piece. Give up? How about a "Steps for Improvement" or employee response box? This one-sided evaluation has enough built-in land-mines that any top performer could trip over. Guess constructive appraisal is now just a quaint notion.

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